domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Non Alive Objects

Actualizing webblog.

Actualizando webblog.

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Utopia or reality?
Eco system.
Human system. Electronic system. Machine.
Everything work as a system?

After implosion the BIG BANG!!!

The point explodes and diverts into hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen is combined with other elements getting into molecules. These molecules will become part of all life form, earth and universe…

NON ALIVE OBJECTS (work in progress)

This project works as a sys

tem. Paints. Book. Video. Web blog. Objects. To say the same message using different techniques.

Two years ago I started to write a book which became to a diary where I registered all the process and development of the project but also research of my own technique.

I started recycling rubbish as a minimum and poetic act. I wanted to make something for the world and with this desire I create an army of objects. Objects are symbols, a way to connect and get people together. I became an object manufacturer and these objects will come alive when I give them to people and they continue their lives by turning them into an art peace.They must report the object to me speaking their own artistic language at least once. This report will be published on the webblog. This webblog becomes in a virtual and international space for communication. A place for exposure of other artists, so, they can share techniques and languages, shorten their distances.

Here is where the army became alive.

If the person doesn't report to me about the object, the object is dead.

The more objects I give to people the bigger the army is.

It is necessary of us to get together and create, believe and act.

“True happiness lies within”

The same project is running in Argentina

at the same time are there are objects travelling around the world.

If you want to be part of the army please contact me and check:

Valeria Caamaño. Liverpool 2009.